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Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays the mediator’s fees?

The mediator’s fee is split equally between the parties.

In addition, the parties share equally the costs of any rented space and other expenses in common associated with conducting Mediation.


How are such costs calculated?

Mediators charge by the hour.  Mr. Rance’s fees are explained on the Fees page of this website.


Why choose Mediation?

There are many advantages in seeking a mediated settlement. Mediation is a voluntary process aimed at resolving disputes before more formal proceedings take place. Mediation has been shown to be successful approximately 85% of the time. Mediation is relatively inexpensive and generally provides an opportunity to settle a dispute in a relatively short space of time, especially when compared to the time usually taken in obtaining a court judgment. It is suggested there is little to be lost and much to be gained by Mediation.


Is Mediation usually less expensive than litigation?

Yes. This is due to the relative informality of Mediation as compared to litigation which is frequently time consuming often involving the filing of many motions, delays, extensive discovery, depositions, waiting for hearing dates convenient for the litigants and the case to be listed on the court’s docket for trial, and so forth. In addition, there is the possibility of an appeal by the losing party in litigation causing further delay. It is not unusual for a lawsuit to go on for five or six years before it is concluded. In contrast, the parties and the mediator can usually assess within a relatively short space of time whether there is a realistic prospect of reaching a settlement.


Can I use Medwebservices if I don’t own a computer?

Yes. We can offer you the use of a laptop computer and a conference room at our office for an additional small fee of $10 for the use of the computer and an additional $25 per hour for the use of the conference room facility. You will also be required to pay a deposit for the computer in advance which is fully refundable once the laptop is returned undamaged at the end of the Mediation session. The details are fully set out on the Fees Page of this website and our office address is shown on the page entitled Request More Information.




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