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Mediation is very much a growth area and provides an excellent forum to settle disputes without the anxiety of having a decision imposed by the Court with all its cost consequences. Mediation also allows parties to reach an amicable resolution to a dispute and to preserve relationships wherever possible. It provides a means for parties to find a resolution without the uncertainty of a Court hearing and can have the added benefit of saving parties money.

I offer an Internet based service. This has a number of advantages for parties. The principal advantages are convenience and cost. There is no need for parties to waste unnecessary time travelling to Mediations as my service is provided using the Internet. Parties can stay in their respective offices or even their own homes to conduct the Mediation without the stress and acrimony of facing the other side across the table. This also allows the cost of the Mediation to be kept low. I offer a very competitive service and keep cost to a minimum thus providing an opportunity for parties to settle their dispute without incurring unnecessary expense.

Please contact me by e-mail on to arrange a Mediation or if you have any questions regarding my service. I look forward to hearing from you and have every confidence in resolving your dispute.

I hope to be able to show you how Mediation can really work to resolve your problems.

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